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Development of new fastening parts and power transfer parts

We provide quality bolts as well as steel processing know-how for various products such as solid and hollow parts and parts of special form. Please utilize our technology and expertise, which we have accumulated over years of production, to add new value to your products.

Development and procurement of supreme quality materials in cooperation with steel manufacturers

We order materials from major steel manufactures with blast furnaces and electric furnaces in Japan. We cooperate with them closely by returning processing information, in order to investigate the specifications of the products. We process special alloys and carbon steel as well as special materials.

We process coils of maximum φ42mm and bars of maximum φ110mm.

We have the largest cold forging machine in Japan and equipment and techniques for processing products ranging from φ6mm to φ42mm.

In-house die manufacturing using mass production know-how

We design and manufacture our main dies with our advanced CAD devices. The concept of our die production is “full compatibility with mass production”, enabled by the accurate calculation of variation through mass production, such as thermal variation.
Our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques used by skilled workers produce highly accurate dies.

Processing and heating technologies that support our top market share in the construction machinery

To provide high-strength bolts for machinery used in harsh conditions, such as construction machinery, we have established an integrated production system from material procurements and processing, to heat treatment.
We also respond to various needs, such as small and medium quantity orders of multiple product types.

New cold forging line for high accuracy and high-speed production

The production line includes newly introduced machines such as a forging machine with a multi-die-change function, which can conduct five kinds of processing, and the tandem press.
In particular, we have advanced know-how regarding the processing of long products.

Three types of rolling

Three types of rolling are possible: planetary, round-die, and flat-die rolling. An optimum method is selected according to the specifications, such as stress applied to products and the necessary resistance. Rolling after heat treatment is also possible.

A complete production system for customers

We conduct high-precision integrated processing with our NC cutting machine. We process our products to the required final form and also conduct post-processing, such as burnishing for high strength and high precision.

Huge quantities of processing profiles

Heat processing requires advanced know-how.
We have a database containing large amounts of processing profiles and quenching medium information, which can be used to determine the optimum processing condition according to the material, form and size of products, and before and after processes. Heat treatment is conducted precisely using our non-oxidation continuous quenching and tempering furnace and carburizing furnace.

Flexible production lines, meeting customer needs

We have a production technology department for constructing production lines that can respond to customer needs flexibly and promptly.
Our staff manufacture necessary tools and design and manufacture production equipment and inspection tools. We manufacture “manufacturing equipment” using our own expertise, an indication of our technological strength.

Gathering professionals from multiple sections

Our manufacturing process leaders gather and communicate to form close cooperation and consensus.
We strive to provide the best products for our customers through trial and error.

Quality assured by our quality management system

Our quality assurance system, accredited by ISO, includes the recording of material management and each manufacturing process to enable tracking production history. If a problem occurs, we are able to clarify the cause and analyze it to take appropriate countermeasures.

Strict stock management and 24-hour shipments

We manage records of production and around 20,000 types of stock in real time. Our robust tracing system can respond to everyday shipments smoothly.

Computer-programmed stock management of 20,000 types of products

Our stocking system consists of six lines with more than 1,300 stockers which are controlled by our in-house management programs.

Double inspection for final shipments

Stocked products are managed with shipment cards and barcodes to prevent errors in shipment. We place highest priority on the worry-free, immediate use of our products for customers.