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Environmental Management
ISO 14001

We acknowledge the environmental effect of our business activities and use natural resources effectively. In addition, we conduct sustainable development activities and comply with environmental laws and regulations.

Quality Assurance Management
ISO 9001

We give priority to quality assurance in our production activities in order to provide reliable products that satisfy customers. In support of this, we will continue to carry out sustainable development activities and technological innovation.

Health and Safety Policy
Registered on the list of small and medium-sized enterprises with good safety and health management

Under the strong belief that safety and health are basic to management, we aim to make our workplace comfortable so that workers can work in good health without accidents or health damage.

General Employer Action Plans
Work-life balance

Our employees are irreplaceable assets. In accordance with the Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation, we are creating a system to establish a comfortable workplace where workers can demonstrate their abilities and achieve optimal balance between work and child rearing.

Our Activities
Social contribution activities

We have been actively engaged in social contribution activities since the foundation of the company, as we believe social contribution will enhance long-term corporate value.

Acceptance of Internship Students

We accept internship students from technical high schools so they can acquire practical knowledge and skills through internship experiences in our company. They can use such experience in their studies and for the selection of their jobs in the future. In addition, we also accept internship students from technical colleges during the summer vacations.

Volunteer Cleaning Activities

We have cleaned approximately 2km of the prefectural road from the Komatsu ironwork complex to Komatsu Airport in fall every year since 2005. We also clean the Komatsu industrial complex area twice a year (in May and September) as a volunteer activity.

Member of Flower Association of Japan

We are increasing the beauty of the local environment by planting Japanese cherry trees. New employees have a commemorative photo taken under the cherry blossoms.

We support the activities of the Flower Association of Japan, which is promoting the increase of cherry blossom viewing sites and town development with flowers, and contribute to the development of a beautiful and comfortable regional environment.