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Oct. 1950
Founded as Yamaguchi Iron Works in Doiharamachi, Komatsu City.
Jul. 1957
Renamed Kyowa Kogyosyo.
Dec. 1959
Established a limited company with a capital of 5 million yen.
Dec. 1961
Reorganized as Kyowa Kogyosyo Co., Ltd. and the employee shareholding system was introduced.
Nov. 1962
Completed a plant for integrated bolt production.
Jan. 1963
Designated as a rationalization model plant for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME).
Jun. 1965
Abolished the sheet metal processing section and focused the business range on screw manufacturing.
Feb. 1966
Focused on bolt manufacturing.
Dec. 1968
Moved the head office and plant to the present site.
Mar. 1969
Registered as a JIS qualified plant.
Nov. 1971
Introduced large-scale bolt former No. 1.
Jul. 1972
Received large orders for track shoe bolts from Komatsu Ltd.
Mar. 1975
Developed flat-head square neck bolts by means of cold forging and succeeded in remarkable rationalization of production process.
Dec. 1976
Introduced TQC (Total Quality Control).
Feb. 1978
Awarded “Komatsu Quality Control Prize” by Komatsu Ltd.
Oct. 1980
Awarded the Deming Application Prize for Small Companies.
Mar. 1981
Completed Plant No. 2.
Mar. 1984
Awarded the Minister of International Trade and Industry Prize as an SME rationalized model plant.
Oct. 1988
Completed Plant No. 3.
Nov. 1989
Awarded the Pressure-free and Creativity Special Prize (Director-general Prize of the Ishikawa Prefecture Labor Standards Management Bureau).
Feb. 1990
Established a society of employee shareholders.
1991 - 2010 ▼
Aug. 1991
Installed Japan’s largest parts former.
Jan. 1992
Awarded MSE Institute Prize.
Aug. 1993
Completed the head office and Plant No. 4.
Mar. 1996
Registered over-the-counter traded securities with Japan Securities Dealers Association.
Feb. 1997
Introduced total production management (TPM) system and established TPM headquarters.
Mar. 1998
Received NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program) by the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (for federal quality assurance).
Nov. 1999
Received ISO 9001 certification.
Oct. 2001
Awarded TPM Excellence Prize (Category 2).
Oct. 2002
Received ISO 14001 certification.
Nov. 2003
Completed Plant No. 5 for vehicle parts and introduced a 630-ton press.
Aug. 2004
Completed the Seinan plant, to which the hot-forging section was moved.
Dec. 2004
Listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange.
Dec. 2007
Completed Plant No. 6, to which the vehicle-related parts machining section was moved.
Oct. 2008
Completed Plant No. 7, and consolidated the large-diameter cold forging section there.
Feb. 2009
Completed Plant No. 8, and consolidated the small-diameter cold forging section there.
Apr. 2010
Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ market.
Oct. 2010
Established Kyowa Machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd. in China.
Apr. 2012
Completed the plant of Kyowa Machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd. and started full operation.
Jul. 2013
Listed on the Tokyo Securities Exchange JASDAQ market.
Oct. 2013
Purchased 99 acres of land adjoining the main plant.
Dec. 2013
Introduced a carburizing furnace.
Aug. 2015
Completed Plant No. 9, to which the Seinan plant hot-forging section was moved.