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Message from the President

Excellent products are made up of excellent parts.
We will continue to evolve to further serve our customers.

The Japanese manufacturing industry is a step ahead in the global market because of the high-level manufacturing technology it has developed over a long period of time. We are required to further improve our high-quality products by responding rapidly to change and competing on a global scale.

While continuing to develop our technology as a high-grade bolt manufacturer, we have launched new, innovative parts. Based on our experience in forging and heat treatment of iron materials, we will manufacture new high-performance tightening parts and transmission parts to support our customers in developing new products. We believe this is our mission.

Through the manufacturing of high-grade products that contribute to the excellence of equipment and parts, we hope to support Japanese industrial innovation.
Your guidance and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Masaki Yamaguchi
Kyowakogyosyo Co., Ltd.